"Expecto Patronum".. A Year Has Passed

A year has passed, can u imagine that?
Just from a year we're calculating the moments, calculating my answers and picking up words correctly to avoid any mistakes and those words which have vague and two-meanings. A year ago we're so excited; that day I'd meet them.
Having best memories and stolen-joyful moments from people surround us, I carry among my rips and pulses of my heart.
Passing every week by our favorite places; Cinnabon, CityStars, Al-Hussein, even  by shops that sells white Ballerina-shoes, just to refresh and have strength to move on..
It's neither weakness nor regret, but love and starving for happiness i missed, and it happens that you were, and still, the happiness  I'll always have.
I just remember how much i miss those days :) and Nobody will be able to take those happy thoughts from me, even my bad memory, has no effect on them. They are my "Patronus" against the "Dementors"
P.S: My Patronus is CAT-like shape